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This unique technology is an advanced type of liposuction used by Dr. Back to sculpt especially hard, thick, or fibrous fat areas using ultrasonic energy.  Vaser/Ultrasonic liposuction allows for easier, more definitive, and more efficient removal of this dense type of problematic fat.  Vaser/Ultrasonic Liposuction means less trauma, less time in the O.R., and less pain, with better results for you!

Vaser/Ultrasonic Liposuction Consultation

You will have a private, in-depth consultation with Dr. Back where he will review with you everything you want and need to know.  After an examination, together you will discuss your goals and his recommendations.  All the details of the procedure will be reviewed and you will also have ample time for questions.  Typical “before & after” photos as examples are on hand as a part of this process.

Vaser/Ultrasonic Liposuction Procedure

All modern liposuction is performed utilizing special local anesthetic (called the “tumescent technique”).  Depending on the extent of the problem and other factors, general anesthesia might also be used.  Small nicks are made in inconspicuous, hidden spots and sculpting instruments (called “cannula”) are used which allow Dr. Back to simultaneously remove fat and reshape the areas.  The cannulas come in a variety of types and sizes, but are usually smaller than the diameter of a pen.  As the new body shape begins to appear, Dr. Back will compare one side to the other for symmetry and refine and recontour the areas further until done.  There are many special forms of liposuction, such as Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction and Vaser/Ultrasonic Liposuction which Dr. Back also uses – he’ll address as to whether these might be appropriate for you.

Vaser/Ultrasonic Liposuction Recovery

The hidden, small nicks usually heal invisibly within days.  Band-aids are the only “dressing” needed for these after surgery.  Most patients will wear a postoperative garment for 3-4 weeks to help guide the skin into its proper retracted contours and to minimize swelling and bruising.  Mild restrictions only and you should be able to see a difference within a week, although the results will generally keep improving for many weeks after your procedure.

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