How much will it cost?

Lutronic® – the modern, innovative, high-tech way to reclaim your skin’s youthful texture and tone. The Lutronic® Laser is the top of the line in the world of fractionated laser skin treatment – and the prized possession of the top laser experts in the world. Fractionated means that only a fraction of the skin’s surface is treated – meticulously charted by the laser’s special on board computer and microscopic beams. This decreases injury, decreases recovery time and decreases risks, all without any compromising of the satisfying, long-lasting results. The Lutronic® Laser restores a healthy glow while erasing the “weathered“ look of fine lines, sun damage, brown spots, discolorations and dull, aged skin. Around the eyes, across the forehead, across the cheeks and around the mouth: smoother appearance, enhanced firmness, more even tone, and lighter/brighter/more radiant silky, soft skin.

An average treatment session takes under 30 minutes and begins with a specially prepared numbing cream to keep you comfortable. Most patients describe their laser treatment as warm, tingling sensations; easily tolerated. Nominal downtime – simply some swelling and redness. But for most patients, this is only 1 or 2 days (eCO Tone). More intensive treatments might take 5-7 days.Think very sunny summer weekend at the Jersey shore – without facial sunblocker (uh-oh!). Caring for the rebirth of your new skin is simple and easy – especially since we carefully guide you through the process every step of the way. Within days of your treatment, healthy, smoother new skin has replaced older, looser, damaged skin.

After even just a single Lutronic® session, most patients are amazed at their refreshed look and the smoother feel of the skin. Tighter, firmer, lifted; fewer lines, enhanced radiance/glow; reversed sun damage, lessened discoloration/brown spots, more even complexion, smoother looking and softer feeling skin. The firming and tightening comes from new collagen growth throughout the skin’s layers – stimulated by the Lutronic® Laser itself. This “collagenesis” continue to improve texture and tone for some 6-12 months after even a single treatment session!

For some patients, 3-4 sessions might be needed to maximize results. Others use repeat treatments as “maintenance” over the next several years. The Lutronic® allows for control of the intensity to enable the option of spreading a full treatment out over 3-4 sessions to diminish down time even further. Doctor’s love it and patients love it.

*Results will vary with each individual